Meet Valour

The bike of the future. Safer. Smarter. Sexier.

Blind-spot Detection

The Valour has got your back, through haptic feedback.

It knows if there is a vehicle behind you, alerting you when they become too close. Valour's handlebar vibrates if movement is detected within your blind-spot, ensuring your safety so you can ride comfortably.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Handsfree navigation to guide you.

The Valour guides you through each turn with LED indicators on the handle bar. Keeping your eyes on the road, so that you can explore the city like never before.

Pedal-by-Pedal Playbook

Stay fit and feel great.

The Valour is your perfect companion, always tracking your commute times, distance, speed, and much more. It will help you understand how you ride and turn a simple commute into something so much more.



Best Time



Smart Routes

Vanhawks for all

Commuters are the heartbeat of cities.

The Valour learns from other bikes in the Vanhawks network and gathers real time information on potholes, closed roads, blocked lanes, steep hills and much more. Simply put, more riders means safer, and smarter routes.

Theft prevention

Peace of mind.

If a Valour goes missing, the Vanhawks network interacts with other Valours to locate the missing bike. When the stolen bike is brought near another Valour, an app-based notification is sent to the original owner.

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